Applications of

Radiative Transfer

to stellar and planetary atmospheres
Tenerife, Spain - 13-17 Nov. 2017

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Properties of Planets around Young Stars
F. Lovos, J. A. Ahumada, M. Gómez


In this contribution, we present an analysis of planets associated with young T Tauri stars (TTS) belonging to several star-forming regions. The current sample includes 29 planets around 28 TTS and 2 free-floating planets. Most of these planets (25 out of 31) have been detected by direct or coronagraph imaging, and thus spectral types and infrared color indexes are available. This sub-sample is compared with those of L and T type brown dwarfs. The remaining 6 planets are relatively close objects detected by radial velocities or transits, in most cases sharing similar characteristics with the well-known Hot Jupiters orbiting main sequence stars. We analyze dynamical as well as physical properties of the planets. We search for disks around the host stars by means of the corresponding SEDs. We discuss the location of these disks with respect to the semi-axis of the planets and consider the planet-disk interaction. We discuss how these young planets fit within current planetary formation scenarios and highlight the challenges they represent for current models.