Applications of

Radiative Transfer

to stellar and planetary atmospheres
Tenerife, Spain - 13-17 Nov. 2017

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Orbital periods of the B-type binaries in the BBC survey
J. Villaseñor, W. Taylor, C. Evans, O. Ramírez-Agudelo


The VLT-FLAMES Tarantula Survey (VFTS) has been an incredible productive survey of massive stars with more than 800 stars observed, from which more than half correspond to B-type stars. Recent results proving the importance of binarity in the evolution of the most massive O stars and its high fraction, have raised questions about if this holds for the less massive but more numerous B-type stars, and therefore to the complete supernova progenitors population. The B-star Binary Characterisation (BBC) Survey has obtained 30 epochs of observations of about 90 B-binaries in the 30 Doradus region using FLAMES on the VLT to determine the period distribution of these systems and other properties such as eccentricities and mass ratios. The orbital periods of our sample is presented as the first part of this work.