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May 14th
StasinskaGrazyna - The discovery of oxygen in the Universe
Prantzos, Nikos Why we need to map oxygen in the Universe
Ekström, Sylvia - How well do we know oxygen yields from massive stars?
Karakas, Amanda Oxygen production on the AGB and the relevance of planetary nebulae to map the oxygen abundance in galaxies
Asplund, Martin - The Solar oxygen abundance
Socas-Navarro, Héctor - Alternative determinations of the Solar oxygen abundance
FabbianDamian - The Solar oxygen abundance as derived using MHD atmospheric models
Lodders, Katharina - Constraints on the solar oxygen abundance from meteorites, planets, and other planetary objects
Ramirez, Iván - Oxygen abundance determinations in solar-type stars
Ludwig, Hans-Guenter Oxygen in cool stars according to CO5BOLD
González Hernández, Jonay Isaí - Galactic evolution of oxygen: 3D effects on near-UV OH lines
Andrievsky, Sergei Oxygen abundance determinations in cool giant stars
Allende Prieto, Carlos - Oxygen in red giants from near-infrared OH Lines: 3D effects and first results from the Apache Point Observatory Galactic Evolution Experiment
D'OraziValentina - Oxygen variations in globular clusters and the multiple population scenario(s)
DecressinThibaut - Oxygen in globular clusters
May 15th
Przybilla, Norbert - Oxygen abundance determinations in A-type supergiants: methods and uncertainties
Urbaneja, Miguel A. - Oxygen abundance determinations in OB dwarfs and supergiants
NievaMaria Fernanda - Present-day cosmic oxygen abundance in the solar neighbourhood
NajarroFrancisco - Oxygen and other alpha-elements vs Iron in massive stars at the Galactic Center: Clues on a top-heavy star formation history?
Rodríguez, Mónica - Temperature-based oxygen abundances in H II regions and PNe: methods and uncertainties
Mendoza, Claudio - The reliability of atomic data used for oxygen abundance determinations
Fang, Xuan Very deep spectroscopy of planetary nebula NGC7009 - The rich optical recombination spectrum and new effective recombination coefficients
Morisset, Christophe Oxygen abundances in ionized nebulae from photoionization model-fitting
Peimbert, Antonio - Temperature fluctuations in ionized nebulae and their effect on the oxygen abundance determination
García-RojasJorge - Oxygen abundances from optical OI and OII recombination lines in planetary nebulae with [WC] central stars
Mesa-DelgadoAdal - Effects of Herbig-Haro objects and ionization fronts on the oxygen abundance in the Orion nebula
TsamisYiannis - The oxygen abundance in protoplanetary disks embedded in HII regions
Simón-Díaz, Sergio - What can we learn about present-day oxygen abundances from the combined study of massive stars and HII regions?
MatadamasRoy - Simulation of temperature fluctuations in HII regions
NichollsDavid - Resolving the electron temperature discrepancies in H II Regions and Planetary Nebulae: kappa-distributed electrons
Kewley, Lisa / Zahid, H. Jabran - Strong-line methods for oxygen abundance determinations in giant HII regions and emission line galaxies : methods and uncertainties
May 16th
BergDanielle - Direct oxygen abundances for low luminosity LVL galaxies
CedrésBernabé - SDSS galaxies with double-peaked emission lines
CroxallKevin - Oxygen in the Far-IR: mapping nearby galaxies with Herschel
EgorovOleg - Observational study of the ISM abundance of star formation regions in three nearby dIrr galaxies
WalshJeremy - Mapping oxygen abundance in an elliptical galaxy
Morales-LuisAna Belén - Oxygen abundance from strong-line methods at extremely low metallicities
Pérez-MonteroEnrique - Nitrogen-to-oxygen ratio as a solid tool to ascertain the chemical evolution of star formig galaxies
SungEon-Chang - Abundance anomalies in blue compact dwarf galaxies
SkillmanEvan - The CHemical Abundances Of Spirals (CHAOS) project
Lara-LópezMaritza Arlene - GAlaxy and Mass Assembly (GAMA): A deeper view of the mass, metallicity, and SFR relationships
VílchezJose M. - Environmental imprint on galaxy chemical enrichment
López-Sánchez, Ángel Eliminating error in the chemical abundance scale for extragalactic H II regions
Pilyugin, Leonid - The "Counterpart'' method for abundance determination in HII regions
May 17th
Aloisi, Alessandra - Measuring the oxygen abundance in the neutral ISM of star-forming galaxies at redshift z=0
Maiolino, Roberto - Oxygen abundance determination at high redshift from emission lines
Dessauges-Zavadsky, Miroslava - The oxygen abundances at high redshift from absorption lines
Matsushita, Kyoko The oxygen abundance from X-rays : methods and prospects
Konami, Saori - The abundance pattern of O, Ne, Mg, and Fe in the X-ray emitting interstellar medium of a spiral and starburst galaxies
Mattsson, Lars - Oxygen-rich dust production in evolved stars
Jones, Anthony - Oxygen-rich dust processing and evolution in the interstellar medium
FegleyBruce - The C/O ratio in the formation location of presolar X grains from supernova
FlageyNicolas - Water absorption in the Milky Way: Herschel/HIFI insights on the history of the gas
Jenkins, Edward - The abundance of free oxygen atoms in the local ISM from absorption lines
Pinto, Ciro Oxygen morphology and abundance in the interstellar medium through absorption line spectroscopy
Sofia, Ulysses J. - Oxides in interstellar dust
Trigo-Rodríguez, Josep Maria Stellar sources for O in the early solar system
May 18th
HerreroArtemio - Stellar oxygen in M33
Rosales-OrtegaFabián - The oxygen abundance determination in the IFU era
Bresolin, Fabio - Oxygen abundances in outer galaxy disks
Scarano Jr., Sergio - Oxygen distribution breaks at corotation radius in spiral galaxies
Carigi, Leticia - The Solar oxygen and the origin of the Sun
Mollá, Mercedes - Chemical evolution models: IMF and nucleosynthesis stellar yields
MacielWalter - The abundances of oxygen, sulphur, neon, and argon in planetary nebulae: Constraints of nucleosynthesis and chemical evolution
HenryRichard - MWG and M31 oxygen gradients using planetary nebulae as probes
Peña, Miriam - The oxygen abundance gradients from PNe and HII regions
Henney, William Is oxygen well-mixed in the sites where it is observed?
Zahid, H. Jabran - A census of oxygen
Esteban, César Oxygen and life in the Universe