Invited talks

Nikos Prantzos (France): Why we need to map oxygen in the Universe

Sylvia Ekstrom (Switzerland): How well do we know oxygen yields from massive stars?

Amanda Karakas (Australia): Oxygen production on the AGB and the relevance of planetary nebulae to map the oxygen abundance in galaxies

Martin Asplund (Germany): The solar oxygen abundance : a new standard

Héctor Socas-Navarro (Spain): Alternative determinations of the solar oxygen abundance

Katharina Lodders (US): Constraints on the solar oxygen abundance from meteorites, planets, and other planetary objects

Iván Ramirez (US): Oxygen abundance determinations in solar-type stars

Sergei Andrievsky (Ukraine): Oxygen abundance determinations in cool giant stars

Norbert Przybilla (Germany): Oxygen abundance determinations in A-supergiants

Miguel A. Urbaneja (US): Oxygen abundance determinations in OB dwarfs and supergiants

Mónica Rodríguez (Mexico): Temperature-based oxygen abundances in HII regions and PNe

Christophe Morisset (Mexico): Oxygen abundances in ionized nebulae from photoionization model-fitting

Antonio Peimbert (Mexico): Temperature fluctuations in ionized nebulae and their effect on the oxygen abundance determination

Lisa Kewley (US): Strong-line methods for oxygen abundance determinations in giant HII regions and emission line galaxies

Roberto Maiolino (Italy): Oxygen abundance determination at high redshift from emission lines

Edward Jenkins (US): The oxygen abundance in the local ISM from absorption lines

Miroslava Dessauges-Zavadzky (Switzerland): The oxygen abundances at high redshift from absorption lines

Kyoko Matsushita (Japan): The oxygen abundance from X-rays: methods and prospects

Claudio Mendoza (Venezuela): The reliability of atomic data used for oxygen abundance determinations

Lars Mattsson (Denmark): Oxygen-rich dust production in the atmospheres of cool stars and in supernovae

Anthony Jones (France): Oxygen-rich dust processing and evolution in the interstellar medium

William Henney (Mexico): Is oxygen well-mixed in the sites where it is observed?