100xCiencia aims at:

  1. Communicating the scientific excellence of Spanish centres of reference

    Popularizing talks will take place, aimed at presenting new scientific results of high impact to the group of national and international communications media, as well as the new scientific and technological challenges faced by each of the Severo Ochoa Centres. A communications strategy will be employed to explain the invaluable work of the Severo Ochoa Centres of Excellence in the successful performance of basic frontier research which places them among the best in the world in their respective fields.

  2. Renewing and strengthening ability to communicate and popularize the scientific activity carried out by the main centres of R+D in Spain.

    We will promote dialogue and interchange of experience and good praxis in order to improve the impact of the work of communicating and popularizing the science carried out by the Severo Ochoa centres and by extensión to the other Spanish research centres who aim to be recognized by receiving the same award.


Contact: info@100xciencia.com       Phone: +34 922605336; +34 660507549
100xCIENCIA Communicating Frontier Science. La Palma (Canary Islands, Spain), October 2015
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