The role of magnetic field on AGN feedbacthe


These are the viewgraphs: DiskSeismology, Feedback, JetLaunch, and ReIMHD 

R. Keppens

1) AGN feedback: an introduction

Radiative-Wind versus Kinetic type, Jet-blown cavities, Role in cosmological studies Kinetic feedback: exemplary (relativistic) hydro studies for jet-ISM/ICM interaction

2) Relativistic jet simulations at all scales

Relativistic HD and MHD equations, HD to MHD wave behavior in special relativity

Computational models for jet-ISM interactions: 2D to 3D, HD to MHD aspects, relativistic jet stability, mixing efficiencies, energy transfer

3) The role of magnetic fields in AGN jet launch scenarios

 Newtonian to relativistic studies for jet launch and acceleration, Magnetized Accretion-Ejection structures, incorporating accretion disc physics.

4) Accretion disc dynamics: magnetoseismology. 
 Quantifying MHD waves and instabilities in realistically structured, magnetized accretion discs, Freimann-Rotenberg formalism, MHD spectral theory for stationary plasmas.

Magnetorotational and other instability routes for accretion disc turbulence.