La Laguna offers a large variety of restaurants, most of them located in the pedestrian center of the city. In general, you can have nice food at good prices in all of them (10-20 € per person). We have created a list of restaurants which local people like, hence most of them offering Spanish/mediterranean food. You can find it in the following link:

Restaurants in La Laguna

If you want to have good Spanish/mediterranean food:

1. Restaurante Guaydil

     Very good mediterranean food. Usually is very crowded after 20:00. Around 15 €.

2. El huequito andaluz

    Very good andalusian food (basically fried fish). Around 15 €.

3. Labicoca

    Very good mediterranean food. Usually crowded at dinner (after 20:00). 15-20 €.    

4. Tasca El Tonique

     They have the best 'jamón serrano' in La Laguna. The food is very good but a bit expesive, around 20-25 €.

5. La Alhacena

   Good food. 15-20 €.

6. Tasca Los Mosqueteros

    Spanish food. Not very recommended for vegetarians. Around 15 €. 


If you want to have good 'tapas':

7. Tasca La Topa

   Tapas' place. Very good food and cheap. They serve free 'tapas' when you ask for a drink until 23:00.  Also they have 'happy hour' (see their facebook page). Usually very crowded for dinner and quite noisy. 10-15 €.  

8. Bodegón Tocuyo

    Very local place (extremely cheap) where they serve wine in bulk and local food, basically tomato salad, 'almogrote' (strong cream cheese with garlic from La Gomera), and cold meat (serrano jam, chorizo, etc.). Not really recommended to vegetarians. Usually is very crowded after 20:00 h. Around 10 €.

9. La Bruma Tapas Bar 

    Good tapas though a bit small and expensive. 20-25 €.


If you want to eat some 'Pintxos':

10. La Venta de la Esquina

     'Pintxos' bar. Very good and cheap. Usually very crowded after 20:00 h. 10-15 €.  


If you want to take a drink and a sandwich or a snack:

In general, all places in the pedestrian street have this kind of food and are quite good.


11. Bar Benidorm

They have very good serrano jam and tomato sandwich. Around 5 €.

12. Los 100 montaditos

       Only sandwiches. 5-10 €.    

13. La Sureña

They offer 5 small beers (200 ml) for 3 €. Usually crowded in the afternoons. 


If you want some italian food:

14. Rucola & Grana

     Very good italian food (pizza and pasta). Around 15 €.

15. Stefano's

      Pizzas and pasta. Around 12 €.  

16. Da Stefano

      Pizzas and pasta. Around 12 €.



17. Arepera Punto Criollo

     Very good 'arepas' (typical from Venezuela, sort of sandwich made of fried corn bread). They have arepas filled with soja meat. 5-10 €.

18. Scooter's 

      American burgers & pizza. 10-15 €.

19. Natural wok

      Wok style food.

20. Sushingourmet 

     Very good but a bit expensive. 15-20 €.


If you want to take a good beer and also eat: 

21. Beers

     Importation beers. Food are 'tapas', snacks, and american style burgers. They are not very fast serving food but they have a lot of very nice beers. Quite crowded after 20:00 and very noisy.

22. Catedral

      Importation beers and German 1 meter sausiges. Close very late in the evening.  Cheap.


Coffee, tea, and cakes:

23. Cafetería Palmelita

     German style cakes. Tea and coffee. 5-10 €.      

24. Cafetería Cacao

     Good cakes and ice creams. Tea and coffee. Around 5 €.