Venue and accommodation

Venue: Groningen, The Netherlands (NL), Flonk Hotel Groningen Zuid .

Approximate costs:

Hotel: The total prize per room is 116 Eur/day (93.50 Eur/night + 4 Eur tourism tax per person /per night + 18.50 Eur breakfast buffet per day).

Meal package: The total prize for all meals of the Training School is 310 Eur. Note that we offer vegetarian food except if people is indicating non-veggie in the registration form.

Important information:

- All participants (with the exception of locals) should stay in the venue, Flonk Hotel Groningen Zuid .

- Detailed booking and payments instructions will be given only to the final list of registered participants confirmed (i.e., between 15th May and 15th June 2024).

- The strict deadline to book the hotel room and meal package payment is 15th June 2024. No booking/payment before 15th June 2024 will translate into the automatic cancellation of the participant invitation to attend the Training School.

- More specific information about travel and logistics will be given well in advance of the Training School.