The dynamics of partially ionised astrophysical plasmas is a relatively new and rapidly growing topic of research. There are growing evidences of the importance of the effects of plasma partial ionisation in different astrophysical environments, such as solar chromosphere, interstellar medium, protostellar discs, planetary magnetospheres and ionospheres, etc. The meeting aims to broaden and strengthen the collaboration of scientists working in partially ionised plasmas in astrophysics and space science and to develop common scientific interest that could enhance cross-collaborations between the different fields. The meeting will focus on the following topics:

  • Fundamental physical processes in partially ionised plasmas
  • Waves and instabilities in partially ionised plasmas:  theory and observations
  • Turbulence, dynamo and non-linear processes
  • Magneto-convection, flux emergence and reconnection in partially ionised plasmas

The meeting is supported by

  • The European Reserch Council (ERC)
  • The Leverhulme Trust (UK)

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Contact: pipa2016 (at) iac.es