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The Solaire Network has just gone through the middle of its 4-year duration. After the highly successful 1st and 2nd Network meetings, which were hosted by the Solaire teams in Leuven (Dec 2007) and Catania (Jan 2009), respectively, we expect to offer again an open and very interactive framework to discuss the research topics targeted by the network. On the other hand, a significant fraction of the network research is related to the emergence of magnetic flux from the solar interior into the atmosphere. It is therefore an exciting possibility for the network to organize the 2009 Flux Emergence Workshop (FEW2009), after the inaugural event in St Andrews (June 2007) and its continuation in Kyoto (October 2008).

Magnetic Flux Emergence from the solar interior into the atmosphere is a basic phenomenon for the magnetism and dynamics of the Sun. It causes the appearance of magnetic elements at the surface, from sunspots and large active regions all the way down to ephemeral active regions and, on even smaller scales, small magnetic tubes and bipoles at the granular level. On the other hand, the emergence of magnetic flux causes large changes in the magnetic connectivity between layers, is accompanied by conspicuous episodes of magnetic field line reconnection and is at the root of the launching of an important fraction of flares and Coronal Mass Ejections. Magnetic Flux Emergence thus underlies and connects the five working packages of the Solaire Network: the joint celebration of the Solaire Network Meeting and the FEW2009 promises to promote the synergies in the different research branches of the network and, at the same time, provide a stimulating framework to discuss the specific research on flux emergence of the previous FEW meetings.


The conference is organized by the Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias (IAC) with the financial support of the European Commission through the Solar Atmospheric and Interplanetary Research Network (SOLAIRE) project.