amazon EWASS 2013 Symposia: Local Group, Local Cosmology

Aim of the Symposium 

The main idea of this Symposium is to discuss the observed properties of Local Group galaxies, to analyze their formation and evolution in a cosmological context, and to explore the possible links with the high-redshift Universe. With the aim of using the Local Group as a test case to understand the overall galaxy formation process, we will bring together experts on very different fields, from observations of resolved stellar populations, to theoretical modelling of first stars and galaxies. To build-up a fruitful dialog among these complementary astronomical communities, we are proposing a transverse program, which juxtaposes local vs high-redshift observations, as well as observers vs theoreticians. Moreover, we are reserving dedicated time for the open discussion at the end of the Symposium.


Important Dates

Late February: registration begins

May 31, 2013: deadline for abstract submission

May 31, 2013: deadline for early registration

Early June: programme released

June 30, 2013: registration closes

July 8-9, 2013: Symposium

Nov 15, 2013: Deadline for Proceedings submission


Scientific Organizing Committee

  • M. Monelli (IAC Tenerife, co-chair)
  • S. Salvadori (Kapteyn Groningen, co-chair)
  • W. Aoki (NAOJ Tokyo)
  • M. Bellazzini (INAF - Bologna )
  • V. Bromm (Texas Austin)
  • G. Fiorentino (INAF Bologna)
  • D. Hatzidimitriou (Univ. Athens)
  • E. Łokas (NCAC Warsaw)
  • E. Tolstoy (Kapteyn Groningen)


Local Organizing Committee

  • A. Del Pino Molina
  • G. Fiorentino
  • M. Monelli
  • S. Salvadori