11 August  


    Session 1 (Chair S. Rabin)
 11:00-11:10 T. J. Mahoney Welcome to Special Session 9
 11:10-12:00 J. V. Field (I) Kepler's cosmology
12:00-12:50 B. Stephenson (I) Why should an astronomer today care about Kepler?
 12:50-14:30  Lunch  
    Session 2 (Chair: G. Hon)
 14:30-15:20 A. Mosley (I) Trusting in Tycho: Kepler's use of Tycho's data in the Astronomia nova
 15:20-15:50 T. J. Mahoney (C) The mindset of uniform circular motion
 15:50-16:10  Coffee break  
    Session 3 (Chair: S. Dupré)
 16:10-17:00 A. E. L. Davis (I) Kepler's laws: Some myths dispelled
 17:00-17:30 I. I. Shevchenko (C) The Kepler map in perspective
 12 August    
    Session 4 (Chair: A. C. Mosley [TBC])
 11:00-11:50 J. M. Pasachoff (I) Kepler's Astronomia nova as a rare book
 11:50-12:40 J. Wlodarczyk (I)  Kepler's Dream
 12:40-14:30  Lunch  
    Session 5 (Chair: J. Wlodarczyk [TBC])
 14:30j-15:20 Giora Hon (I) The Great Synthesis: The multifaceted new astronomy of Johannes Kepler (1609)
 15:20-15:50 TBD (C)  
 15:50-16:10  Coffee break  
    Session 6 (Chair: A. E. L. Davis)
 16:10-17:00 Sven Dupré (I)  Galileo's telescope and Kepler's optics
 17:00-17:30 TBD (C)  
 13 August    
    Session 7 (Chair: B. Stephenson)
 09:00-09:50 Sheila Rabin (I)  "Third Man in the Middle": Kepler between astronomy and astrology
 09:50-10:20 S. Bludman (C) Kepler and the Star of Bethlehem
 10:20-10:40  Coffee break  
    Session 8 (Chair: J. V. Field)
 10:40-12:30 All invited speakers Round table discussion on the future of Kepler studies
 14 August    
    Session 9 (Chair: T. J. Mahoney)
 09:00-10:30  Open session Proposal for an IAU Working Group on the Future of Kepler Studies
 10:30-11:00  Coffee break End of public part of Special Session 9
 11:00-12:30 Members of WG  Proposed IAU WG closed session meeting