In October 2018, the Stellar Observations Network Group (SONG) will celebrate the 4th anniversary of the inauguration of its first telescope (Hertzsprung-SONG) at the Teide Observatory. After 7 semesters of very fruitful observations, time is ripe to join together for the first time to discuss about science done with SONG.

With this motivation, we are pleased to announce the 1st workshop on Science with SONG: 4 more years, to be held in the Sandos San Blas Hotel Reserva Ambiental (Tenerife, Spain) from 23 to 26 October 2018, and organized by the Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias.

Scope of the workshop

The aims of this focused workshop are, first of all to exploit this unique opportunity to bring together the technical and scientific SONG staff teams and the numerous SONG users to share experiences, to learn more about the instrumental, obser​​​​​​​vational strategies and techniques, and finally to present and discuss the many interesting scientific SONG results within Stellar and Exoplanets Astrophysics (stellar evolution and variability, asteroseismology, stellar abundances, and exoplanet discovery and characterization). This will allow us to improve the performances and to consider new scientific challenges.

Another goal is to attract new users and partners (for potential new nodes) and identify synergies with other facilities like GAIA, TESS, PLATO, etc. SONG is, and will be, playing a major role on its own and in connection with these other projects, and this will be greatly enhanced with the addition of further nodes.

In this webpage you will find more information on the scientific program, the venue, and how to register and make the hotel reservation. We hope to welcome many of you in Tenerife!

In case of questions, you can contact to us at song18 (at) iac (dot) es