Saturday, 25 July

Time Speaker Title
9:15 Francisco Sánchez (IAC) Welcome address
9:30 William S. Smith (AURA) Strategies for Optimizing Scientific Productivity for Future Observatories: A “Flat World” for Astronomical Research
10:00 Bruno Leibundgut (ESO) Astrophysics for the next decade

Jerry Nelson         (TMT)

TMT: The next generation of segmented mirror telescopes
11:00 Coffee  
11:30 Taft Armandroff (KECK) W.M. Keck Observatory: Instrumentation, Adaptive Optics and Scientific Productivity
12:00 Jéan René Roy (GEMINI) Gemini as Pathfinder for 21st Century Astronomy
12:30 Masanori Iye (SUBARU) Subaru instruments, science achievements,
and future plans
13:15 Lunch Time  
15:00 Thomas Henning (LBT & MPIA) From Disks to Planets - The Large Facilities
15:30 Phil Charles (SALT) Science with SALT in the ELT era: a "low-cost" option
16:00 Pedro Álvarez (GTC) The GTC: a Technological & Scientific Pathfinder for ELTs
16:30 Coffee  
17:00 Alfonso Serrano (GTM) GTM key astronomy challenges in the next decade
17:30 Tony Tyson (LSST, UC Davis) New frontiers with LSST: leveraging world facilities
18:00 José Franco (SASIR, IA-UNAM) Science with the Synoptic All Sky IR Survey Telescope (SASIR)
18:30 All Wine & Cheese Discussion




Seminar Dinner


Sunday, 26 July

Time Speaker Title
9:30 Matt Greenhouse (NASA) The James Webb Space Telescope: MissionOverview and Status
10:00 Alvaro Giménez (ESA & CAB) Astronomy from Space: Achievements & Future of ESA Activities
10:30 Coffee  
11:00  Artemio Herrero (IAC) Conclusions
12:00   Close
12:30 Bus to the ORM  
13:30 Lunch (ORM)  
15:00   Visit to GTC
17:00   Bus to Sea Level