Next-generation cosmological survey, such as DESI, 4MOST, J-PAS, Euclid, LSST or SKA, will target millions of galaxy multi-tracers (LRG, ELG, QSO) out to high redshift over larger volumes. Combining the spectroscopic and photometric information of these sources will be crucial to discriminate among different cosmological scenarios, constrain gravity, reconstruct the history of star formation, and to build the most precise 3D maps of the Universe to date.

This workshop aims at bringing together some of the PI's of the upcoming instruments at IAC and EPFL, and fostering collaboration between builder, experts in observations, large-scale structure analysis, and data mining tools.

As a result of this meeting, we expect to identify the key questions to address and to design a common working strategy to secure the optimal exploitation of the upcoming datasets.