Every year, ISAPP is organizing Schools addressed to European Ph. D. students and young physicists (experimentalists and theorists, astrophysicists and particle physicists). In 2012, one of these schools will be   dedicated to  "Cosmic Microwave Background and High Energy Physics", and organized by the Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias in the island of  La Palma  (July 16th - 24th).

The school will review the physics of the CMB and the fundaments of high energy phenomena which left an imprint in the properties of this cosmological  radiation. The school will start with   a review of the main topics  of modern  Cosmology and the Standard Model of Particle Physics,  followed by a series of lectures on the physics of  Inflation and the Very  Early Universe. The basic properties of the CMB (spectrum and anisotropies) will be at the core of the school and will  be deeply treated.  A detailed view on recent experimental developments and their implications on Cosmology, in particular on dark matter and dark energy will be given.   Current efforts to measure the polarization of the CMB and experimental future perspectives  to search for the imprint of Primordial Gravitational Waves in the polarization pattern of the CMB will be also subject of dedicated lectures. Special attention will be paid to the main statistical analysis techniques used to extract the cosmological information from the CMB  data.   The interaction of the CMB with hot plasma in clusters of galaxies and other large scale structures of the Unvierse will be reviewed. Seminars will be given on the more recent results in this field.

The school students are expected to have an active participation: large time will be devoted every day to discussions between participants and lecturers, which can be extended during lunches and dinners.

Participants are encouraged to bring posters presenting their research work; an abstract has to be sent in advance to the school secretariat. Short oral presentations by the poster authors will be scheduled after a proper selection.